Monday, 16 December 2019

The third part of the Thriller trilogy

"The future is passed" is free for anybody to read!

"The future is passed" can also be bought as original at 
Sooner or later

you can at any time, count it as "Another deal"

if you send 800 Samoan tala
(when I have a local contact)
and an email with your ID number and the transfer number from WesternUnion
from the same email address you used when you got your ID number
for then you will

(If you ever change or lose that email address or ID number, then "All deals" are dead!)

Then the whole world can see
that you know about "The future is passed"

But remember to keep the receipt from WesternUnion forever
as it was pure gold.
Now it is said straight out!

"The future is passed" is the third part of the Trilogy
in connection with
Klamphuggeren's phone books

"The future is passed" is made
so 30 people who want to be placed in order
from the top of
"A row for few"
can be that

Everyone can choose only to get a timestamp and an ID number by signing up where that can be done, without paying a dime, until one million have done that, then there is no more space
but they will appear after "The rest" in "Row number 1"

If you have a little spare time then take a look at thisthis and this